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Now is the time to stand out from the crowd and get the job you deserve.

Value Statement

Differentiate yourself from other qualified candidates with a strong personal and professional brand. We’ll help articulate your unique abilities and the value you bring to organizations in a compelling and concise statement that answers the question, “Tell me about yourself.”

Custom-written Resume

We don’t just tell you how to write your resume – we write it for you. Your certified resume writer tailors every word to showcase your accomplishments and highlight your unique talents. You’ll even have a LinkedIn bio consultation with your certified career coach

Optimized for Visibility

Because it’s crafted by experts, your resume will be designed for the latest applicant tracking systems, complete with the right keywords, getting you noticed faster.

Discover Your Opportunities

We’ll help you skip the time-consuming searches and get straight to the jobs you want most.

Expert Job Sourcer

Our job experts will take the time to understand your career goals and personal preferences. Then, you’ll receive a constant flow of job opportunities tailored to your background, interests, and objectives.

Intelligent Algorithms

Using human-like understanding, RiseSmart’s patented SmartMatch engine processes tens of thousands of jobs from a variety of job boards and company career pages – all within seconds – and delivers only the job leads that match your specific profile.

Instant Access to Recruiters

Thanks to RiseSmart’s partnership with Randstad, one of the largest HR services companies in the world, you’ll gain access to a community of over 6,500 recruiters and exclusive job openings.

Strengthen Your Network

Networking is the most effective method to find inroads to a new career opportunity. It isn’t just about who you know – it’s about connecting with the relevant people you don’t know that can help you land a job.

Peer-to-peer Support

Our Mastermind Groups provide a small group setting, led by a career coach, where job seekers and entrepreneurs can meet to discuss similar goals and experiences and grow their networks. Share ideas and strategies to help one another with job search efforts.

Contacts Old and New

Our Contact Discovery Engine will deliver a list of the current contacts you know and uncover the highly-relevant contacts you should know. To make sure you can reach out and make a good impression, we include current contact information and phone and email templates.

Learn Job Search Best Practices

You’ll have access to all the research and information you’ll need to prepare for interviews, negotiate salaries, and get the attention of hiring managers and recruiters.

Content Library

Extensive resources for the latest job search best practices.

Reference Check Tools

Receive valuable insights on your performance from former co-workers and managers.

Job Market Analysis

Reports that show where you stand in comparison with other applicants.

Company-specific Research Reports

Detailed financial, news, product, salary, and leadership insights.

Personalized Salary Research Reports

Based on position, company size, location, and performance expectations.


Led by career coaches to facilitate professional development.

Topical Workshops

Periodic boot camps on timely topics, such as freelance work, the gig economy, and more..

Weekly Webinars

Led by industry experts on topics such as LinkedIn, salary negotiations, networking, and more.

Land Your New Job

Welcome to your new beginning! Once you’ve landed your next, best job, we’ll be with you through every new career beginning with guidance and resources for professional success for the rest of your life.

Alumni Program

As an alumnus of RiseSmart, you’re entitled to one free coaching session or one free resume critique every year.

LinkedIn Alumni Group

Continue to expand your networks and receive valuable career content from our team of experts through our exclusive LinkedIn Alumni Group.

Technology for Life

For the rest of your life, you’ll have access to our participant platform with updated tools and resources for successful career transitions and professional growth.

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