technology industry trends and challenges

The technology industry is the driving force behind its own workforce changes. Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, and advances in communications are a few of the factors that have led to workforce changes. Distributed workforces, augmented work, and significant workforce transformations require comprehensive, global talent solutions.


mergers and acquisitions driver — obtaining new technology -

1.8 million

jobs predicted to be replaced by AI before 2020 -


technology industry turnover rate ranks highest among all business sectors -

talent mobility solutions for technology

No longer can leading-edge companies rely on outdated talent transformation solutions. Your employees have come to expect services that deliver the types of results that can only be attained through highly personalized services in combination with innovative technology.

program agility

Whether you’re moving talent into, within, or out of your organization, we have solutions for every employee, regardless of level, experience, or career goals.

integrated technology

Our proprietary, award winning, and patented technology solutions address the needs of your employees and your HR department and deliver better results and higher ROI.

global solutions

Your distributed workforces benefit from a consistent level of service in every location, tailored to provide expertise and resources customized for local customs, norms, and regulations.

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