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why randstad risesmart?

greater engagement

  • 77% feel more satisfied and committed to their jobs
  • 60% increase in redeployment engagement
  • 74% more likely to stay for next two years

faster results

  • 45% increase - in under 90 days - in employees with a plan to achieve their career goals
  • 9 out of 10 identified career goals within 30 days
  • 33 days - average time to land a new internal role

high satisfaction

  • 94% satisfaction with RiseSmart Career Development platform
  • 92% value rating given to assessment, branding and networking tools
  • 86 - Randstad RiseSmart’s industry leading Net Promoter Score (NPS)

technology enables a people-first approach.

Randstad RiseSmart is the only talent mobility provider that offers your people certified, professional career coaches to give them one-to-one support. Our award-winning technology platform complements the work our coaches do by providing tools and resources for your employees to take control of their careers 24/7.

personalized coaching

Our coaches add a unique dimension to our talent mobility platform: personalized, expert career coaching from a human being. External coaches bring a different skill set to internal mentors, with the training and experience to transform the results your employees can achieve compared to online-only platforms.

learning concierge

In addition to a career coach, your employees also benefit from guidance from a learning adviser. As well as the intelligent learning recommendations our platform makes, our advisers get to know your employees, their preferences and career goals and provide handpicked learning opportunities to help them upskill and reskill.

the complete toolkit

Rather than just find the internal role your employees have dreamed of, we give them all the tools they need to land it. Just like other marketplace providers, our proprietary SmartMatch technology helps your people find their ideal assignment. However, we go further and also provide our tried and tested internal networking, CV and interview prep tools to help them secure their next move.

a true business partner

We help talent professionals enable a culture of internal mobility with confidence, ease and superior results. Our talent mobility experts work with you before, during and after implementation on solutions that deliver peace of mind and high ROI. To ensure your future business success, we provide lifetime cost-saving recommendations and best practices advice.

comprehensive global talent mobility

We are part of Randstad, the global leader in the HR services industry. With Randstad’s talent acquisition & HR consulting and training solutions, we provide a total talent architecture that empowers organizations to flex, adapt and transform their business.

contemporary internal mobility solutions

Randstad RiseSmart is one of the world’s largest providers of global contemporary career and talent mobility solutions that strengthen employer brands, improve retention and re-engage talent. We partner with HR teams to produce unparalleled results that seamlessly integrate your internal mobility, redeployment and career transition requirements into a single platform like no other.

enhance employer brand

Create a culture of internal talent mobility that engages your current employees and motivates them to become ambassadors to help you attract future talent too.

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