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why randstad risesmart?

bigger impact

  • 98% Randstad RiseSmart participant satisfaction = 2X brand protection
  • dedicated team of three career professionals = market ready faster
  • 3X more coaching time with 80% lower candidate/coach ratio

faster results

  • faster employee landings = ~$1,000 savings in unemployment drawdowns per employee
  • 74% in-program landings = higher satisfaction
  • 60% faster landing time vs. the national average

unmatched value

  • 100% of fees invested in services that matter
  • contemporary model = 83% land in jobs with equal or better pay
  • outplacement services for life

technology enables a people-first approach.

Randstad RiseSmart transformed the industry with a virtual delivery model that surrounds each participant with a dedicated ‘team of three’: a career coach, branding expert and job concierge. Our award-winning technology platform complements our transition teams by providing tools and resources for participants to take control of their careers 24/7.

unlimited coaching

We understand the need for an empathetic ear and the kind of personalized support and guidance that only comes from a team of dedicated and highly-qualified professionals who have the time to get to know your company and your employees. We drive faster landings.

branding expert

We create business partnerships for life and continue to provide services that matter to HR leaders including benchmarking, best practices, and cost-saving recommendations. Our 98% service satisfaction rating is a testament to how a partnership with RiseSmart strengthens brands and improves ROI. No templates, no shortcuts.

job concierge

We make investments in innovations that matter and create contemporary solutions to meet today’s workforce challenges. Our blended delivery model provides better results and experiences for our customers and their employees. Handpicked jobs.



a true business partner

We help HR professionals navigate organizational change with confidence, ease, and superior results. Our industry experts lessens the burden before, during, and after workforce transformations with solutions that deliver peace of mind and high ROI. To ensure your future business success, we provide lifetime cost-saving recommendations and best practices advice.

comprehensive global talent mobility

We are part of Randstad, the global leader in the HR services industry. With Randstad’s talent acquisition & HR consulting and training solutions, we provide a total talent architecture that empowers organizations to flex, adapt and transform their business.

contemporary career transition solutions

Randstad RiseSmart is one of the world’s largest providers of global contemporary career transition solutions that strengthen employer brands, improve retention and re-engage talent. We partner with HR teams to produce unparalleled results and guide transitioning talent into, within and out of organizations faster than the national average.

protect employer brand

Support smooth career transitions across the globe with twice the employer brand protection among current, former and future employees.

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