healthcare industry trends and challenges

In addition to the continuous changes in federal law regarding the distribution, pricing, and availability of healthcare, three major trends are impacting the industry: telehealth, value-based care, automation, and AI are creating shifts in how care is managed and delivered.

The advent of technology and the need to reduce costs are the catalysts behind the sweeping changes resulting in divestitures, mergers and acquisitions, and workforce transformations across the industry.

$148 Billion

in hospital Medicare payment cuts since 2010 -


of Healthcare organizations are developing or already have a telehealth application -


Healthcare organization mergers and acquisitions in 1H 2018 vs. 2017 -

talent mobility solutions for healthcare

Taking care of others is the foundation of the healthcare industry. When organizational changes affect the lives of caregivers and administrative teams, empathy and compassion need to be at the center of the talent mobility services offered to employees. No matter who is impacted, give them the transition support they need to move into, within, or out of your organization with ease and speed.

personalized service

We share a belief in confidentiality and personalized care. When your employees need career transition support, we provide them with a care team of three dedicated transition professionals, delivering one-to-one coaching, branding, and job lead sourcing to meet their unique needs.

blended approach

Technology will never replace the human touch, but it can be used to support and improve services. Our patented SmartMatch™ Engine and Contact Discovery Engine work together to provide your employees with the best job leads and networking opportunities to accelerate the job search.

lifetime services

Ongoing care is the best way to prevent future problems. In addition to lifetime access to the participant technology platform and all the resources, webinars, and job leads available there, we also offer yearly coaching and resume review services.

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