financial services industry trends and challenges

Three major trends: Blockchain, fintech, and non-bank lenders have created major disruptions to the financial services industry. These forces have had, and continue to have, a dramatic effect on how established financial services companies approach the future, including how work is done and by whom. The resulting shifts have created workforce transformations of all kinds and new challenges for HR leaders in the financial services industry.

As organizations reevaluate everything, including how they enter into agreements, make transactions, and build value for their customers and business partners, reevaluating workforce needs has become a critical component. From career development to redeployment and layoffs, HR leaders are looking for solutions to better prepare their organizations and employees for this period of transition.

up to 28%

of Banking and Payment businesses are at risk of disruption by Fintech by 2020 -

up to 22%

of Insurance, Asset Management, and Wealth Management businesses are at risk by 2020 -


of banking executives agree their work is changing significantly -

tailored solutions for finance

Whether considering the return on investment for a short-term business readjustment or looking for a long-term insurance policy against future liability, financial services organizations are turning to Randstad RiseSmart to provide greater security, improved brand image, and the best business value.

safe and secure

Insight™ HR technology platform is equipped with bank-level encryption to keep your sensitive data secure.

faster landing rates

Transitioning employees in the financial services sector land 65% faster than the national average and 5% faster than Randstad RiseSmart’s overall average.

tailored programs

Transitioning employees are matched to coaches with industry knowledge and provided customized resources.

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