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democratized career coaching to win the talent war.

When the pandemic transformed the global job market, the social contract between employee and employer shifted: Today’s job market is talent-led. Now, employee satisfaction is paramount as people strive to find more purpose and fulfillment in their work.

For HR leaders, new workplace dynamics emerge as organizations struggle to fill roles across nearly every pay grade —- and demand for digital skills soars.

career coaching for engagement, retention and internal mobility. 

Right now, in businesses across the world, talent retention and engagement are top priorities. Organizations need to understand how best to motivate, develop and, above all, keep their best people. The key to internal mobility, retention and development is engagement. If employees are engaged, they are less likely to leave — and more likely to proactively identify new ways to grow and thrive within an organization. 

Today, new people-first talent strategies are essential to winning the talent war. Randstad RiseSmart’s worklife coaching solution boosts engagement, retention and internal mobility while creating a powerful forum to unlock the potential of what is undeniably your greatest asset — your people.

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what is worklife coaching?

Worklife coaching is a ground-breaking, inclusive, cost-effective and employee-driven career coaching solution that enables business leaders to engage, attract and retain top talent. Through a democratized and holistic approach, worklife coaching promotes career satisfaction, workplace well-being and enterprise-wide transformation and growth that helps all employees — and entire organizations — thrive. 

More than anything, worklife coaching drives engagement. The workplace is a source of creativity, commitment and constant change. People come together and break apart as business needs dictate, moving in, out and around the enterprise. The priority for business leadership is to minimize voluntary turnover by creating an environment that engages the workforce and provides the right opportunities for internal career progression.

randstad risesmart worklife coaching solution

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why career coaching matters.

Career coaching is a catalyst for growth and improvement that plays a key role in helping employers gain an edge when competing for talent, according to Randstad RiseSmart’s worklife coaching report.

A coaching culture increases trust, collaboration and accountability, empowering employees to become more committed to their work and better able to deliver measurable results every day. Companies with a coaching culture report higher employee productivity, greater ease with complex change and better candidate attraction.

how career coaching helps employees and businesses thrive.

Career coaching drives positive conversations and constructive planning that inspires and supports ongoing employee development, satisfaction, performance and retention. It also increases internal mobility by supporting employees as they plan their career trajectories and move forward to future-proof their skills.

costs and ROI of career coaching.

Ninety-three percent (93%) of organizations would roll out career coaching to all employees if they could overcome the biggest barrier to widespread adoption — cost. Yet the price of resignation and rehiring is high and can be up to 200% of the departing employee’s salary, according to the Work Institute — those costs are not sustainable regardless of your turnover rate. 

Worklife coaching’s innovative pay-as-you-go pricing model provides a flexible framework, allowing organizations to set parameters and control spending to meet budgetary demands — and justify ROI. Flexible pricing also enables HR teams to begin programs with a low initial investment that leads to wide employee usage in the future. 

Coaching-centric cultures adopt longer-term perspectives on how increased productivity, engagement, mobility and retention impact their bottom line. Ultimately, cost-benefit analyses easily reveal the performance-boosting rewards of coaching that ultimately cut costs and generate revenue — delivering substantial ROI while supporting widespread organizational health. 

Worklife coaching’s flexible pricing optimizes productivity and performance:

  • Saves time, money and resources.
  • Employee-led process enables instant 24/7 access to the technology platform. 
  • No internal administration is required throughout the coaching process. 
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing model ensures payment only for sessions used.

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worklife coaching performance metrics.

industry-leading results

worklife coaching success stories

Worklife coaching is producing powerful results. RiseSmart recently helped a $30 billion Fortune 100 company strengthen its organization’s culture, promote career progression for all, and therefore reinforce enterprise-wide retention, engagement and inclusion goals. By implementing worklife coaching, the organization enabled employees to have meaningful career conversations while innovating their market-leading workforce culture and development solutions. 

Employees at all levels benefited from 1:1 career coaching with high-caliber, certified RiseSmart career coaches. Overall, 97% said their RiseSmart coaches helped them form meaningful career goals. Dedicated career coaching sessions enabled them to make informed decisions about the evolution of their careers.

Employees achieved substantial results: 

In just 90 days…

  • 97% identified clear career goals (+23%)
  • 74% formulated a plan (+208%)
  • 94% feel equipped to achieve goals (+1%)

Overall, program satisfaction rates delivered: 

  • 97% satisfaction rate with career coaches
  • 100% satisfaction rate with technology accessibility
  • 97% satisfaction rate with AI-driven career data


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how randstad delivers excellence in career coaching.

Randstad Risesmart provides leading career transition solutions that enable HR leaders to successfully build agile workforces and resilient teams equipped for growth and more substantial business outcomes. At Randstad RiseSmart, we partner with organizations every step of the way to help them navigate talent mobility with confidence and ease. 

Our suite of solutions support the talent mobility lifecycle to ensure smooth transitions, optimal ROI and industry-leading results. We help high-performing organizations elevate every stage of the employment journey — from onboarding to outplacement — through our coaching-centered approach, resources and tools that comprehensively support employees with their career needs and goals. 

Recognized as a “Leader” in Everest Group’s “Outplacement and Career Transition Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023,” RiseSmart partners with diverse organizations — from small and midsize businesses to Fortune 50 market leaders — to strengthen their brands, become employers of choice and thrive throughout the ebbs and flows of the employment economy. Founded in 2007, Randstad RiseSmart is part of Randstad Enterprise Solutions, a division of Randstad N.V., the world’s leading HR services provider.

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