what sets our coaching apart

Dedicated 1:1 coaching helps employees set and achieve actionable goals to improve their life at work. It provides a confidential safe space. It allows them to step back and reframe. Discover and rethink. Confidently tackle challenges and overcome obstacles. Renew purpose and passion. Excel in their role, expand their skills and make informed decisions about their future.

Randstad RiseSmart career coaching is a unique approach built on three pillars – expert-led, engaging and inclusive – to deliver a human-centered, technology-enabled experience for all employees.

accomplished coaches

Coaches are trained in our proprietary career coaching model to ensure consistency globally and to amplify the outcomes for your business. They may also carry additional accreditation in specific industries.

The profile of a typical Randstad RiseSmart coach:

  • 8 years’ coaching experience on average
  • 11 years’ experience in HR or recruiting on average
  • 35% have advanced degrees
  • multiple certifications from accredited coaching organizations
  • multilingual

coaching for action

Randstad RiseSmart career coaching is designed to promote action. Employees work with their coaches to decide what activities to accomplish before the next session and coaches follow through with nudges to help individuals stay on track. In between, employees can tap into additional support with curated resources and tools on our technology platform. 

The career coaching model covers: 

  • identity & purpose: clarify passion, purpose and strengths
  • career & skilling: plan for success in current role or other internal roles, explore skills and knowledge gaps for growth
  • reward & recognition: discover career opportunities, enhance work satisfaction
  • worklife & well-being: manage my priorities, time, wellbeing and work stress 
  • relationships & network: prepare for critical conversations, strengthen internal networks and visibility

coaching for all with flexible pricing

Our scalable and flexible pricing model makes coaching affordable and available for every employee – no matter their role – to build an engaged and high-performing workforce.

With Randstad RiseSmart career coaching available in over 110 countries and delivered in 43 languages, organizations can provide expert resources to employees globally but delivered with knowledge of local language and culture.

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coaching-centered businesses excel

Results from a recent Randstad RiseSmart career coaching program with a Fortune 100 company showed:

  • 100% of employees felt more satisfied and committed
  • 96% said they were more likely to stay at their company for two years or more
  • 45% increase in employees’ satisfaction with professional growth opportunities

Coaching-centric organizations simply do better than all others:

  • 77% are employers of choice (vs. 49%)
  • 70% internal hiring rate (vs. 49%)
  • 54% of high-performing organizations have a strong coaching culture (vs. 29%)

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