randstad risesmart: what our new name and look represent

You’ve probably noticed that we have a new name and a new look-and-feel to our brand. As a market leader readying ourselves for the changing employment landscape of the next decade, we are excited to complete the integration of RiseSmart into Randstad – a global leader in HR services. We are thrilled to be known as Randstad RiseSmart, a leading provider of talent mobility solutions and a trusted human partner of successful companies in more than 40 industries and 100 countries.

The adoption and power of the Randstad brand name and way of working underscore our range of services and global footprint, which include a unified platform and a consistent approach to delivering coaching and career services regardless of location.

what’s in a name?

Quite a bit in our opinion. Consider the breadth and depth of Randstad’s global insights that come from employing nearly 700,000 people daily and their commitment to touching the work lives of 500 million people worldwide by 2030; the know-how of placing 260,000 people annually in full-time roles; the resources and support of more than 37,000 employees located around the globe; and the access to a deep bench of skills data mapped from multiple resources, including millions of resumes uploaded to Monster, a Randstad company. All this is at our disposal—and when combined with our cohesive platform and global pool of certified coaches—enable us to produce exceptional outcomes for our customers.

delivering a consistent brand

Our unification under the Randstad brand represents the culmination of four years of integration work that have resulted in us becoming part of the total talent architecture of Randstad. Our solutions support local and global workforce needs, help HR teams flex with workforce changes and assist employees as they manage their careers.

“We believe that there is greatness in everyone, that careers never stop evolving and that the most successful organizations are those that unlock the potential of their workforce,” said Dan Davenport, president and general manager of Randstad RiseSmart. “People are the lifeline of every business and our growth validates our approach to supporting workforce changes around the world – whether it’s transitioning workers to new roles within an organization or helping an employee navigate career-growth options outside a company.”

Customers often prefer to have a single provider of talent mobility and outplacement solutions. As a unified organization, Randstad RiseSmart is perfectly positioned to be a partner-of-choice in delivering a host of capabilities at global scale, including career development, redeployment, individual and group coaching, assessments, labor market value scans, mature-age transitions, executive transitions, sick to work, welfare to work, well-being at work, sustainable employability, disabled talent support and reintegration guidance.

our values

The values upon which RiseSmart was founded are very similar to those of Randstad:

To know, to serve and to trust – We use our expertise, commitment to excellent service and focus on relationships and respect to the benefit of those with whom we partner.

To promote all interests simultaneously – We see the bigger picture and know our business must benefit society as a whole. We believe that helping our HR customers and their employees to thrive at work improves people’s quality of life—inside and outside of the workplace. The journey begins with listening to the specific needs of each customer with the goal of helping tailor solutions that will enable each to develop, engage and retain talent, as well as become employers of choice and improve business agility.

To strive for perfection – Through continual improvement and innovation, our goal is to delight customers and participants.

As Randstad RiseSmart, we value trust and transparency above all else as we partner with companies to help them adapt and transform their businesses. We take the trust imparted to us very seriously by providing transparency and industry-leading results. Our new name and brand look reflect our commitment to consistently delivering on these promises globally.

“This global rebranding reinforces our alignment with Randstad’s values, mission, beliefs and way of working,” says Kevin Gounden, vice president, International Strategy of Randstad RiseSmart. “Our customers around the world will experience consistency in our brand in much the same way as they have been accustomed to our consistency in customer and participant experiences.”

Randstad RiseSmart’s Human Forward approach recognizes that customers and participants are at the center of everything we do. We tailor our services to give employees at every level the personalized experiences they require for success. Using a contemporary ‘Tech and Touch’ strategy, we’re able to provide the right blend of human touch and technology to help employees efficiently find new opportunities or roles, whether inside and outside their organization. This approach enables us to provide companies with the tailored guidance and data-driven insights they need to manage their workforces and to be known as employers of choice.

“The way companies think about and manage talent has fundamentally changed,” says Rebecca Henderson, CEO of Randstad Global Businesses and an executive board member. “Our customers are no longer just looking for straightforward HR services, but rather a trusted partner that can work with them to seamlessly identify, manage and move talent where it is needed most. The tighter integration of RiseSmart into our broad portfolio of enterprise solutions allows us to drive business success for our customers with the most effective end-to-end talent mobility solutions on the market.”

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global reach

Founded in 1960 and with more than 4,800 offices around the world and 2018 revenues of over $26 billion globally, Randstad is a clear leader in HR services. Everything Randstad RiseSmart does is backed by the resources and capabilities of this longstanding global brand.

“Randstad has been an incredible parent company,” Kevin says. “The past four years have resulted in a highly successful and cohesive integration between both companies, and it’s evidenced by the successful global deployments we’ve had to date.”

Since 2015, we have deployed our methodology and software into countries where Randstad provides outplacement services. To date, we have converted numerous Randstad offices offering outplacement to Randstad RiseSmart offices, and more are on the way. We’ve expanded service offerings within those markets by adding technological capabilities. For example, we developed ‘sick-to-work’ functionality in our software to enable offices in European countries with sick-to-work legal requirements to enhance their services.  

retaining and engaging talent

As part of Randstad, we’re able to extend career development opportunities for our own employees, thereby improving our ability to retain the knowledge, skills and experience of our workforce. This, in turn, allows us to continue providing exceptional and consistent services for our HR partners and their employees.

what’s next

We invite you to explore our new site, learn about our capabilities, investigate our resources for HR and employees, and read more articles in our blog.

Welcome to Randstad RiseSmart. Human Forward.

17 December 2019

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