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  • Big disconnects between employees and organizations are continuing to fuel resignations, costing businesses millions of dollars in lost productivity and talent.
  • RiseSmart is breaking down the barriers of access to career coaching so it is no longer just for exclusive groups of high-performers and executive leadership.
  • New RiseSmart Worklife Coaching solution helps organizations offer coaching to all employees, through a unique payment model and a proven combination of tech and touch resources.


SAN JOSE, Cal., April 12, 2022 - In today's world of work, with unemployment levels dipping, optimizing your existing talent is more important than ever. The war for talent has never been greater. Yet businesses of all sizes grapple with how to deliver a standout worklife experience – whether an employee is in the office or remote. To address this, Randstad Risesmart today unveiled a new coaching-centric offering, worklife coaching, that democratizes access to employer-sponsored coaching through a flexible payment model, and empowers companies to enable more positive employee experiences while at work. 

Worklife coaching is a unique approach built on three core pillars, expert-led, engaging, and inclusive, to deliver a consistent, employee-centered, technology-enabled experience for all participants. RiseSmart achieves this through a ‘tech and touch’ approach which sees it marry highly-qualified international coaches using a unique coaching methodology that delivers better outcomes for participants, field experts in specialist areas such as personal branding and career development, and easily accessible cloud-based career resources platform packed with advice, tips, and assessments. 

Timing of this announcement comes as businesses continue to face retention issues globally. While the U.S. labor market is tighter than many others, across Asia workers are rejecting long hours, and businesses in some countries are trialing four-day working weeks. In Europe, conditions are similar to other regions with high turnover rates as workers also seek better conditions and balance post-pandemic. To counter this, businesses need an employee-centric solution that can give employees the ability to own their worklife. To date, coaching has been exclusively the domain of leadership and those designated as high-performers. Regimented package structures and cost have been the two most prohibitive factors to the democratization of coaching being realized. As such organizations need a coaching solution that is agile and cost-effective, to truly allow coaching to be offered to every level of employee in an organization. 

"For years, organizations have dictated the terms of work to employees, but the tables have turned and employees have the upper hand," said Dan Davenport, CEO, Randstad RiseSmart. "We're amid one of the biggest shifts in work in decades. The Great Resignation shows no sign of letting up, and almost half of all employees are looking for a new job or plan to soon. To retain employees, organizations must better align with workers' desires and values and help them get a better sense of meaning and engagement with the business. However, current business coaching typically fails businesses in three ways; businesses are forced to subscribe to packages that are never utilized fully, the packages are priced too high, and the packages typically lack deployment flexibility. Today we begin to disrupt this market and realize our vision of enabling customers to unleash worklife possibilities for their employees, putting people first."

Employee-centered learning

The RiseSmart worklife coaching solution puts employees in the driving seat for their own development in a number of important ways.

  • Self-selection of coaches - by enabling employees to select a coach they feel is the right fit for them, not having a coach assigned to them via technology or by an HR leader, worklife coaching fuels independence and career ownership.
  • Self-serve scheduling platform - Not only does this cut HR admin, but with hybrid working, some times and days are better than others to support a coaching session. Our around-the-clock availability means coaching happens at a convenient time for the employee, be that a 7-minute pep-talk, or a 60-minute indepth session.
  • Tailored to your needs, only - Sessions and content are specific to the outcomes that an employee wishes to pursue to achieve positive outcomes for them. Personal goal setting helps an employee create an action plan and build consistent progress. 
  • Keeping you on track - Worklife coaching encourages employees to act by using intelligent nudges and notifications through a mobile platform to reinforce learning, maintain focus, and accelerate outcomes. Prompts for information helps coaches arrive fully prepared and focused to support outcomes.

Helping HR meet the business 

Many organizations are experiencing significantly more turnover than their pre-pandemic levels. While much turnover is unavoidable, more recently HR has seen turnover increasing beyond the realms of pre-pandemic levels. Coaching the ‘un-coached’ can help.

Worklife coaching supports the ongoing development, satisfaction, engagement, and performance of individual employees' careers in all facets, and the employee-centric approach of the RiseSmart worklife coaching solution not only empowers an organization's employees to consider staying in their role, but it enables an HR department to affect an array of other workforce deliverables such as career development, talent mobility, onboarding effectiveness, and supporting a more inclusive workplace. 

Importantly, HR teams can deploy worklife coaching easily, with minimal administration responsibilities and with a low initial investment to encourage expansive use of the solution across different teams and departments. After purchase by an HR team, the actual allocation of worklife coaching sessions is at the discretion of the assigned department’s leadership, therefore enabling greater flexibility and deployment and ultimately wider employee usage.

The worklife coaching offering joins an existing portfolio of industry-leading RiseSmart workforce solutions that help customers with transitioning employees in and out of an organization. As RiseSmart’s worklife coaching solution is able to leverage some of the existing RiseSmart resources its availability is immediate and is accessible in over 110 countries worldwide with over 40 languages supported.

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12 April 2022

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