career coaching report: retention through coaching.

career coaching report: retention through coaching.

Coaching is an effective tool to attract & retain talent. Download the report to get the full picture.

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client profile

ownership: public
size: 40,000+ employees
revenue: €35 billion+
market impact: Fortune 100 company


Since 2015, Randstad RiseSmart has supported this organisation in the pharmaceutical sector with a variety of solutions to help employees adapt to changes in the market: career mobility, job readiness, and outplacement support. Randstad RiseSmart has established a Talent Fit Center in coordination with the organisation, which is an always-on service that employees can join voluntarily or
are referred to in cases when redundancies or organisational changes impact their role.


This organisation sought to provide its employees with a solution that would enhance the employability of its workforce, allowing workers to take their careers into their own hands and shape their professional development based on a personalised learning and growth path. This would not only build resilience within their employee base, improve the company’s employer brand, but also provide them with a strategic talent advantage - by developing from within, the company could reduce recruitment costs, preserve institutional knowledge, and allow its top performers to advance to new roles within the organisation.


Randstad RiseSmart’s solution is available to employees of all levels. Employees can opt-in to the programme at any time or are referred to the programme if their job becomes impacted. Using coaching, employees focus on developing their personal branding, networking, and applying for jobs, effectively future-proofing themselves.

I am deeply satisfied with your services, mentioning first and foremost your experienced and professional coaches and your continuous improvement in mutual partnership.

talent fit center manager


This programme has been a major success, largely due to Randstad RiseSmart’s ability to generate interest and enthusiasm in the programme to maximise voluntary participation by employees. Our team focuses on communicating the benefits of joining the programme, reiterating the confidentiality and trustworthiness of Randstad RiseSmart’s coaches, and adapting the curriculum for special groups. The Talent Fit Center has been especially effective in supporting employees who are in advanced stages of their career, with a high level of participation from workers aged 50+.

key results

  • 67% found a new role 50% of which moved to a new role internally

  • 33% went through an upskilling programme

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