global shipping and logistics organization delivers high employee satisfaction

Company implements global outplacement program across 55 countries, achieves 95% satisfaction rate and 20% increase in ROI

  • client:
    a global shipping and logistics company headquartered in Europe
  • goals:
    Without a strong, centralized outplacement program, the company struggled to provide an engaging and consistent experience to help transitioning employees worldwide.
  • solution:
    A comprehensive outplacement solution from Randstad RiseSmart was implemented. The program includes in-house support across 55 countries, advanced technology and services to help employees land their next role, and real-time, 24/7 reporting.
  • key results:
    With this new solution, the company provides an exceptional experience for transitioning employees. It has achieved a 95% satisfaction rate among participants, who are landing their next roles in 54 days on average, and a 20% increase in ROI.

a lack of consistency drives the need for change

In the fast-paced world of global shipping and logistics, staying ahead not only requires operational excellence, but also a steadfast commitment to your employees. That includes treating them with respect and dignity during periods of downsizing. 

But providing consistent and impactful outplacement services across a vast international footprint can be a daunting challenge. Many companies in the industry face limitations with local outplacement providers, hindering their ability to deliver seamless support to employees and HR teams worldwide. 

Without an effective and comprehensive outplacement services platform to help manage these difficult instances, a major global shipping and logistics company struggled to deliver consistent service quality to transitioning employees. 

The company needed a comprehensive solution that could offer consistent outplacement services globally, while also reducing costs, implementation time and administrative burdens for the HR team. While a solution providing ease of use and improved ROI was crucial, even more important is ensuring all employees are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve during difficult transitions.

delivering an enhanced outplacement experience 

After careful evaluation, the company chose Randstad RiseSmart as its global outplacement partner, based on its depth and breadth of experience and ability to deliver consistently high quality of service in each of the 55 countries in which it operates. As a result, the company gained access to a team of workforce advisors with deep understanding of local regulations, relationships and cultural nuances to drive the efficiency of its outplacement activities. 

With a single, comprehensive, multilingual technology platform across all countries, the company provides a seamless user experience. This includes guiding employees through the outplacement process with intuitive coach messaging and self-scheduling, coaching resources, resume support, interview practice and career development materials.

The company also benefits from real-time, 24/7 reporting on essential outplacement metrics such as spend, participant engagement, time to land a new role, landing rates, satisfaction levels and alumni feedback. This comprehensive reporting allows the company to gain valuable insights, make data-driven decisions and continuously improve its outplacement services.

The success of the program can be attributed to the strong partnership between the company and the Randstad RiseSmart team. The transition from its previous outplacement provider was carefully managed by a single point-of-contact and enhanced by regional account support and in-country delivery and operations experts. Moreover, with local-to-local support for HR teams, there was minimal disruption, while increasing the speed and take-up rates of employees who were eligible for an outplacement program.

I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for the outstanding consultation I received from Randstad. The insights and guidance provided on interview preparation and effectively communicating my achievements were incredibly valuable and have greatly improved my confidence and ability to present myself in a positive light during the hiring process.

The consultant I worked with was knowledgeable, patient, and genuinely interested in helping me succeed. They took the time to understand my goals and unique strengths, and provided personalized advice that was both practical and actionable.

The tips and techniques I learned from the consultation have already helped me to stand out in interviews and present my achievements in a way that is clear and compelling. I appreciate the support and guidance provided by Randstad, and would highly recommend their services to anyone seeking to improve their job search skills and increase their chances of success.

program participant

improved employee satisfaction, higher ROI

By adopting a global and more employee-centric approach to outplacement, facilitated by top-notch technology and local market knowledge, the company successfully overcame the challenges of delivering consistent support to employees worldwide. 

Equipped with this new career transition solution, the company helped transitioning employees — spanning entry-level roles through specialists, managers, directors and executives — land a new role in an average of 54 days, with 73% doing so during the course of the program. The company saw a participation rate of 78% among employees, with an overall satisfaction rate of 95%. The company also achieved a 20% increase in return on investment, compared to its previous outplacement strategy. 

With a cost-effective and outcome-driven outplacement solution, the company can allocate its resources more efficiently, while ensuring maximum support for transitioning employees without compromising on quality.

Learn more about how to choose the right outplacement solution for your organization. Download your outplacement guide. 


20 July 2023

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