Today, the brand and reputation of a company matter more than ever as you face economic uncertainty and more competitive markets. While most organizations have spent at least a decade focusing on the employee experience, recognition and engagement, in late 2022, we saw a shift in the employment market that many people weren’t expecting —- layoffs. 

Suddenly, some tightly branded, formerly people-first companies  let people go in impersonal and transactional ways, damaging both their consumer and employer brands.

Aspect43 spoke to leaders at some of those companies, who now admit they got it wrong. They also spoke to managers who had to deliver the news and some of the employees who were laid off. As analysts are predicting that layoffs may reach 200,000 per quarter in the U.S. alone, this new report combines those findings with best practices to help you understand how you can conduct ethical layoffs. 

Find out which actions you can take before, during and after layoffs to provide for all concerned and preserve your company’s reputation during a challenging time. You’ll learn:

  1. how to conduct data-driven planning and prepare clear communications before the layoff
  2. how to deliver the news and what training to provide for those doing so during the layoff
  3. what services can help smooth the transition and the best forms of financial and emotional support to provide after the layoff

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27 January 2023

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