Tomorrow is national “Fun at Work Day,” a day in which businesses are encouraged to recognize the importance of being happy at work. According to research, happy people make better workers, and those who are engaged with their jobs and colleagues work harder and smarter.

However, research shows us that not every company recognizes the potential of creating a culture that promotes enjoyment and value to employees. A Randstad study shows that 36 percent of those surveyed would forfeit earning up to $5,000 a year just to be happier at work.

Research shows us that happy people make better workers by making them more engaged with their jobs and with their colleagues, enabling them to work harder and smarter. Analysts at the University of Warwick found that happiness made people around 12 percent more productive. What are some ways companies can take advantage of the holiday to encourage fun and boost employees’ spirits around the office?

Host a Game Day

A little bit of friendly in-office competition can go a long way toward increasing employee attitudes. Hosting an in-house game day with activities ranging from trivia competitions to Wii bowling is an excellent way to rejuvenate the office mood. You can also create funny, unique awards to be given to the winner, which can give the winner something to display for continued bragging rights.

Allowing employees to participate in some friendly workplace competition can help build a greater sense of togetherness at every level. It also allows a glimpse into the human element of your organization, which is essential for strengthening alignment across departments, building a greater impression of camaraderie and increasing overall happiness among the workforce.

Off-Site Activities

Take a half or full day to venture out and enjoy something fun away from the office. Employees’ productivity can seriously decline when confined to the office day in and day out, especially during exceptionally stressful times of the year. Spending time away from the workplace with colleagues can be a positively refreshing experience and is another way to show appreciation for all your workforce does for the organization.

Hold off-site gatherings at a fun venue such as an amusement park or a piano bar. These types of places give employees a chance to let loose and laugh a little bit. Some other enjoyable off-site activities include renting out a movie theater or taking a trip to a sporting event, such as a baseball game or golf tournament. Having fun as a team can go a long way toward improving morale.

Foodie Fun

Everyone loves food, and one of the best ways for a company to take a break from the usual grind is to have a catered lunch or by bringing a food truck to the office. Even something as simple as providing specialty coffee and donuts can be enough to perk everyone up. These events are a good excuse for your team to eat and socialize, allowing them to recharge and take on the rest of the day full steam ahead.

“Fun at Work Day” is an excellent opportunity to mix up the company’s usual way of doing things by setting aside time for fun activities. Doing so can raise employees’ level of happiness, resulting in an increase of productivity, retention rates and overall sales.

27 January 2016

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