The November 2008 Kiplinger's Retirement Report includes an article on the unique challenges faced by jobseekers aged 55 and up. We really like the headline of the story -- "Experience Matters When Landing a New Job" -- because it is absolutely true. Sure, there is age discrimination out there. But you know what? If you take the right steps to navigate today's job market, that gray hair doesn't need to be a barrier to you. Here's an excerpt from the story by Robert K. Otterbourg:

"Most jobs for age 55-plus managers come from personal references," says Sanjay Sathe, chief executive officer of RiseSmart, an online job-search service for executives, in Sunnyvale, Cal. "You have a better chance of landing a job when you're seen as an individual rather than a demographic statistic." Sathe recommends calling former colleagues, bosses and clients. Follow up with people you meet at industry events, and get involved in local professional groups. Volunteering is another way to build contacts. Also, post a profile on, a networking site for professionals.

A copy of the full report is available to Kiplinger's subscribers. You can sign up here. RiseSmart also provided some tips for older workers to MSNBC a while back.

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