Your employees are the core of your business and strengthening their engagement and retention will reap great rewards for your organisation. Randstad RiseSmart’s coaching-centric solutions will help you respond to your most critical people priorities, offering innovative ways to support your employees’ development and mobility throughout their career journey.

coaching-centric solutions.

Randstad RiseSmart solutions will help you support your workforce throughout every step of the employee journey - into, within and out of your organisation. Our deep expertise and human-centered approach will provide the solutions you need for employee reintegration, worklife coaching, career development, workforce redeployment, outplacement and retirement.

local solutions in sweden

  • transition support
    Randstad RiseSmart assists employees affected by redundancies to find a new job or education through insurance funded transition support based upon collective agreements. As from 2023, transition support and career guidance for employed will be funded by the government.
  • performance management
    Randstad RiseSmart helps people and organizations to develop and find their right way. We do this by supporting individuals who need to increase their work performance and motivation. But also through team development where focus on the dynamics and power of the group can increase both performance and job satisfaction.

leadership in sweden.

gabriella nilsson

gabriella nilsson


Gabriella joined Randstad RiseSmart in 2022 bringing with her a deep industry knowledge gained for over 20 years. In managing positions in organizations she is supporting clients with change management, transition support, outplacement, and recruitment services. She is dedicated to deliver customer business success and to provide ways for all individuals to develop and shape their future career.

desirée harknäs

desirée harknäs

business manager public affairs & delivery strategist

Desirée has being with us since the 90´s. She is strongly connected to the development of Randstad RiseSmart in Sweden and who we are today. As delivery strategist she is part of the success of all of our participants, but her main focus is our services for Arbetsförmedlingen, the Swedish Public Employment Service. Here we provide support to unemployed citizens to find a job or start an education.

anneli giocondi

anneli giocondi

regional director & sales manager

Annelie transferred to RiseSmart from Randstad HR in 2016 and is, with her long experience in the HR industry, a trusted advisor on topics including career mobility, career transition, succession planning, restructuring projects and career development. As a former recruiter and talent manager she has deep insights in the everyday life of her clients challenges and needs.

paulina gustafsson

paulina gustafsson

regional director & senior career coach

With a long career as an outplacement coach covering a broad range of industries and levels, Paulina has a proven success record. She is recognized for her inclusion and engagement for her team and participants, believing that everyone has a place in the labor market. She makes people feel appreciated and supports them in finding the place based upon their knowledge, talent and unique qualities.

frida kristoffersson

frida kristoffersson

concept manager

With over 20 years’ experience from organizational efficiency efforts and digital development connected to outplacement and career development services, Frida has a proven track record in conceptualization, implementation and project management. She collaborates with our business partners to customize our services to client needs and localizes new global innovations to the Swedish market.

the randstad advantage.

Randstad RiseSmart is part of the Randstad family of global HR services, which uniquely provides comprehensive and integrated offerings worldwide that empower organisations to transform their workforces to achieve business excellence and growth. In addition to RiseSmart, partners that are within the Randstad family include:

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