In the midst of declining employee engagement, multiple rounds of layoffs and persistent talent scarcity, driving greater internal mobility can help you neutralize these challenges while building a more agile and resilient workforce. 

Facilitating easier internal moves can provide employees with the career growth they’re looking for as it helps your organization evolve from a role-based to skills-based culture. At the same time, internal mobility can strengthen equity and inclusion and reduce recruiting costs.

While the benefits of such programs are clear, how will you implement the right mobility strategy?

By downloading the new report from Everest Group, “Internal Talent Mobility: Driving Adoption and Culture Change in Organizations through Coaching and Technology,” you can gain insights into how to build an effective talent mobility program that empowers employees without burdening your HR department. You’ll also discover how to unlock the hidden potential in your workforce to equip your company with the skills it needs to meet future challenges.

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