A new year is upon us, and for job seekers it’s an especially good time for a fresh start. What can candidates do to make sure they begin the year on the right foot? One sure-fire strategy is to add necessary updates to social networking profiles. Here are four simple tips on how job seekers can improve their social networking profiles for 2013.

  1. Add a picture. Studies have shown that candidates with professional photographs on their LinkedIn profiles, for instance, are more likely to get hired than those who fail to add a photo. Candidates who do not feature a photo of themselves are likely to be overlooked. In fact, failing to post a photo can cause recruiters to think that the particular candidate has something to hide. Candidates who take the time to add a professional photograph to their profile give themselves an advantage.
  2. Make a custom URL. Having a custom URL allows candidates to easily remember and share their profiles. And the easier it is to find, the more likely it is to be seen. Customizing the URL is a simple and quick way to stand out from the crowd.
  3. Update the headlines. Job-seekers should make sure that their profile’s summary section and job descriptions reflect their unique skills as a professional. Going beyond a job statement and integrating details shows a candidates value to the company. Candidates should be sure to include specific milestones or accomplishments in their careers.
  4. Use keywords. Many candidates fail to use keywords effectively on their LinkedIn profiles. Keyword optimization is an essential part of LinkedIn. It is how candidate searchers find job seekers. Candidates should take time to research related job descriptions and incorporate relevant keywords into their profiles. Be sure to focus on industry specific words that display unique professional skills.

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28 December 2012

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