Grief counseling. Office space. Group seminars. While your laid-off workers won't turn down the range of services that traditional outplacement firms provide, what they really want is to find a new job -- fast. That's why RiseSmart takes a more direct approach with its Transition Concierge service. We assign each employee a job-search specialist, whose primary role is to deliver that employee a continuous stream of qualified job leads. The specialist uses RiseSmart search technology to match each jobseeker with job openings culled from hundreds of thousands across the Web. By leveraging technology to focus exclusively on the jobseeker's most pressing need, RiseSmart improves employee satisfaction in your outplacement offering -- at a fraction of the cost of traditional outplacement solutions. BusinessWeek touts RiseSmart's approach to outplacement as making "a lot of sense." The San Jose Mercury News says, "RiseSmart typifies the valley's knack for using technology to disrupt standard business practices." And we've already earned the business of some of the most forward-looking companies in the Fortune 500. To encourage you to try RiseSmart Transition Concierge, we're offering a promotional trial opportunity -- but only if you respond by July 31. Go to or call 1-408-213-8130 today to learn more! RiseSmart. The shortest distance between two jobs.

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