In the world of interviews, it can be difficult to get a good handle on corporate cultures. Companies and candidates alike put their best faces forward to sell the positive aspects of themselves and their organizations. More often than not, a realistic preview of the company is not seen until the candidate commits to being an employee.

But, what if there was a way to see what the company is really like? Wouldn’t that make the whole process much easier? In his article, “Life in the Slow Lane: Lessons Learned for the Bumpy Road Ahead,” human resources expert Ian Ziskin suggests treating the uncertainty like a trip to the grocery store by taking time to “squeeze the fruits and vegetables.”

Ziskin, who sits on RiseSmart’s Strategic Advisory Council, advises spending job search time “looking for the next opportunity—rather than simply hoping to find a job to pay the bills.” It’s important to never settle for a job, but to rather look for a career that will help you meet your goals and grow as a professional.

RiseSmart, the leader in next-generation outplacement services, offers various services through its Transition Concierge. With resources like a personalized job portal and one-on-one coaching, RiseSmart helps workers in transition evaluate their options and find the right fit.

Ziskin said in his article that when he was in between jobs 10 years ago, he worked on a consulting project with a company at which he had an interest in working. Not only was he compensated, but he got a first-hand look into the organization. Preparing in this way, he said, can ease the transition from one corporate culture to another.

“It seemed a bit unorthodox, but it proved to be an excellent way to get to know the company better,” Ziskin wrote about his experience.

Taking the time to evaluate an organization, its management and its culture can mean the difference between finding a job you love and settling for something that just gets you by.

03 July 2012

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