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Personal branding should be tied to your professional identity. And there should be a consistent message across all of your self-marketing tools. Including your resume, your cover letter, your LinkedIn profile, and your verbal messages that you use to talk about your experience and your expertise. Personal branding should also include knowledge, insights, and a connection to the industry as it is now. Your smart stories, which describe your accomplishments, should also be very specifically tied to the needs of an employer--needs of most employers--and then tailored to the needs of any employer that you happen to be speaking to at a given moment.

Personal branding should also include a sincere curiosity about how a potential employer's needs and wish list for a professional aligns with your own needs and wish list for your next career choice. And finally, the emotional connection that you have with your own career path is probably the most important part of branding in 2016. You want to want the career of your choice, and to make it happen you have to be very engaged with the actions and the outcomes. So with that, take some time to think about your personal, professional brand, and how you communicate it to others.

17 August 2016

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