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Everyone can use a coach at times of change, growth, or even maintenance in their professional performance. A coach can really be anybody that can support you through a process. It might be your current boss, it could be a mentor from your industry, or it might be somebody you hire as an executive coach.
A great coach is going to be somebody that understands your goals and understands how that fit your overall career path. A great coach is going to allow you to set the pace and the agenda for the engagement. They're going to hold you to your own expectations and call you out when you don't live up to your own expectations.
And a great coach is going to have fresh ideas, perspectives, and approach to the way you're approaching your goals and the way you're executing your plans. A coach is perfect because they get to give you that outsiders view of your goals, how you're pursuing them, and what the outcomes can be for you.
They support you, they guide you, and they give you that little time of a cheerleader that everybody needs when doing something new. So, as you're considering your goals, your growth plans for the next few years, think about who would make a great coach for you.

29 June 2016

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