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You know, people have misconceptions about outplacement, like it's outdated, it isn't very valuable, like it'd maybe serve a group purpose but not an individual purpose, and that it's counseling. Those misconceptions just are not true.

When you are looking for an outplacement provider, make sure that they do have an updated set of materials and practices. Make sure that their coaches have industry expertise in recruiting or as hiring managers, or in general, corporate expertise. You'll also want to make sure that their materials that they use with their participants are on trend, that are reflective of today's job market.

In terms of value, coaching in outplacement can be extremely valuable, especially when there are multiple tracks to allow for individual preferences and choices in a career pursuit. Perhaps one person is going after a traditional job search, basic 9:00 to 5:00, looking for a replacement position, while another person is contemplating the idea of digging into an entrepreneurial venture. And a third person might be looking at what their retirement options are.

Outplacement should also be individual and meet the individual needs of each participant, which means that the coach should be able to work with the participant from where they are, no matter what their concerns are or what their situations are. Then from there, the whole engagement should really answer the specific needs, whether they are in an interview situation or a networking situation with a unique question. Everything should be tailored to the individual based on their goals and situation.

And finally, outplacement should be action-based, not counseling where we're just rehashing ideas, but really action-based, strategic and forward focused. You really want your outplacement provider to be working with the participants in a way that moves them forward and gets them to achieve their goals.

So, when you are selecting your outplacement provider, make sure that their materials are updated, that the services they provide are valuable, that the services are individual, and that everything is action-based.

04 May 2016

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