Job seekers often are concerned about the amount of time they spend on their search. Indeed it can seem like you have put in a full week’s work and gotten very little in return. However, there is usually a way to reduce your search time and maximize your productivity. Avoiding some common pitfalls can save you time and increase the efficiency on your job search.Surfing the web. Withthe world at our fingertips, it can be difficult to pull away and focus on the task at hand. It can be especially difficult when the task is as tedious as job searching. Seekers often find themselves neglecting their job search to read the news or check social networks. While taking small breaks throughout the day is crucial to productivity, mindlessly perusing the Internet can cause major issues in your search.Try setting aside a specific time slot for Internet usage. Send emails and find job openings, then sign off. Use your Internet free time to complete tasks such as updating your resume and making phone calls. If you still find yourself logging onto Facebook too often, take your laptop to an Internet-free location.Applying for everything. Too often job seekers jump into a search without first deciding upon their specific objectives. As their search progresses, their selectiveness wanes and they begin applying for jobs that don’t fit their specifications. Applying is fairly easy and inexpensive, so an extra resume here or there seems harmless. The issue, however, comes when the over-applying doesn’t stop.Applying for jobs that don’t fit your objectives or skills is a huge waste of time for you and the companies. Before you begin your search, decide what you are looking for and stick to it. Remember, in job searches it is quality not quantity that matters.Developing tunnel vision. While it is important to focus your efforts on a job for which you are uniquely qualified, getting hung up on one position can be detrimental to your search. Being too focused on one job can cause you to lose sight of your search completely.Don’t put your job search on hold while waiting for one specific offer. Instead, continue your search. Giving yourself multiple options will not only boost your confidence but can ensure that you find the best job for you.RiseSmart, the leader in next-generation outplacement services, offers one-on-one career coaching services through Transition Concierge. With resources like a personalized job portal and goal setting services, RiseSmart helps workers optimize their online presence during their job search.

27 March 2013

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