Previously, we've offered advice for women professionals seeking to land their first $100K+ job.

Today we take a look at six professions that are growing in popularity among women. While these career paths don't all start at $100k+, they have the potential to exceed that level.

1. Forensic science More women are becoming scientists, and they are choosing careers in criminal forensics labs rather than at university and corporate laboratories. In fact, the field is quickly becoming female-dominated. Two possible reasons for this: (1) women prefer the cooperative environment of a crime lab to the competitive culture of academic labs; and (2) the enormous popularity (and co-ed nature) of procedural crime dramas like CSI.

2. Pharmacist With the pharmaceutical industry growing at a tremendous pace over the past two decades, pharmacists are in demand, highly paid -- and increasingly, women. It takes time and dedication to become a pharmacist -- six long years of training. But the reward is a salary starting at $100k+. As more baby boomers reach retirement age, the need for prescription drugs will inevitably increase, making pharmacist a secure career choice.

3. Market research Market researchers rank among the 10 top-paying careers for women, with executives and senior managers at consulting firms bringing in six-figure salaries. Many women gravitate to market research because they believe it plays to their strengths -- including attention to detail and the ability to relate to and communicate with others.

4. Public relations While the newspaper industry is in rapid decline, opportunities in public relations are greater than ever -- particularly for those who understand social media, including blogs, social networks and other new tools for accessing and sharing information online.

5. Graphic designers with Web expertise Graphic design has long been a popular field for women; the key to staying in demand is adding new technical skills to boost your value. Those most in demand are experts in animation and video, because the Web is moving to become a video-based medium, and businesses as well as media outlets are scurrying to keep up with consumer demand for video content.

6. Videographers Professional videographers who can shoot content for the Web are in high demand for the reason stated above: the Web is evolving to become a video-based medium. Companies will need professionals who can produce quality corporate videos.

27 October 2008

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