Advertising Age reports that a new campaign for "paints category leaders CareerBuilder and Monster as overrun with unattractive commoners." Ad Age goes on to say:

TheLadders' tone is markedly different from that of CareerBuilder and Monster, which have tended to focus on job seekers' unhappiness at their current workplaces... The exclusive, country-club attitude befits TheLadders' business model. Unlike the larger and better-known jobs sites, it costs $180 a year (or $30 a month) to use and restricts membership and listings to "$100k+ people looking for $100k+ jobs."

While we're not big fans of the elitist tone of the TheLadders' ads, we do agree that $100K+ jobseekers are frustrated with most job sites and are looking for something better. Finding a the right six-figure job opportunity among the millions of listings online is like searching for a needle in a haystack. TheLadders' solution to this problem is to restrict the number of jobs it makes available to members. Its database typically consists of about 70,000 active job listings. That solution reduces the number of jobs members must sort through, but it still forces them to search manually through job listings. And it greatly reduces the pool of possible jobs. At RiseSmart, we think we've found a better solution for the $100K+ jobseeker:

  • We start with a database of more than a million active job listings -- not 70,000.
  • Then, we take our members' profile information and match it against this million-job database to produce a preliminary list of job results.
  • Finally, a RiseSmart Concierge -- a real human being assigned to each member's account -- plucks only the most precise matches from this list.

That means our members gain the benefit of a more comprehensive search than TheLadders provides, but without having to search at all. You can leave that to your RiseSmart Concierge. That's why at RiseSmart we don't just tell you you're special -- we show you you're special by offering a level of service unavailable anywhere else.

24 January 2008

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