I've always wanted to commission a survey that USA Today deemed worthy of one of its famous Snapshots -- those stats-based graphics on the corner of the newspaper's section fronts. And guess what? It's happened! We recently conducted a survey asking jobseekers how much time they spend searching online for work. As the USA Today chart headlined "Searching for jobs online" reported, 47 percent said they spent between one and three hours daily online, and 10 percent said they spent even more time than that.

This poll data validates the reason we started RiseSmart in the first place -- to free jobseekers from being chained to their PCs when they could be polishing up their resumes, networking within their profession, and focusing on other, more time-efficient aspects of their search. The Snapshot can be found online here, in the Money section. (It may not be posted till late Thursday night.) We haven't released the full results of our survey yet -- although Time Magazine's Work in Progress blog has reported on it as well. Stay tuned!

05 June 2008

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