RiseSmart was fortunate to be mentioned in USA Today again today, this time as part of Del Jones' highly entertaining article talking with CEOs about their jobs as teenagers. Here's the relevant excerpt:USA TODAY reached out to dozens of executives who now run or once ran major corporations. Thirty-two responded, and although their ages range and they grew up diversely in big cities and rural towns, all worked as teens, eight of them before age 11. At USA TODAY's request, RiseSmart, an Internet site for jobs that pay $100,000 and up, surveyed CEOs and former CEOs of smaller companies. Among the 37 who responded, 32 said their summer jobs were good experience. Only four said their first jobs were awful, and one said it was just a job, neither beneficial nor traumatic. Almost all earned $3 an hour or less.We got a lot of great anecdotes from RiseSmart members for Del's piece. We'll plan to do a future blog post featuring quotes from some of our members that were not included in the USA Today story. Thanks to all RiseSmart members who participated!

06 June 2008

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