RiseSmart CEO Sanjay Sathe is quoted in the Oct. 2. edition of Human Resource Executive in a column by staff writer Mike O'Brien. The piece, titled "Outplacement Evolution," lays out the case for change in the outplacement business.

Here is an excerpt:

"...as reports of high levels of dissatisfaction with the overall process grow, from both ex-employees and employers, outplacement programs – which typically include interview and career coaching, job-search training, resume writing, and other bells and whistles – may someday be replaced with cheaper, yet more focused offerings that get to the heart of what both employer and ex-employee are looking for in an outplacement solution: finding and applying for a new job... 'Outplacement really is about finding people jobs,' adds Sanjay Sathe, San Jose-Calif.-based RiseSmart's CEO. RiseSmart recently unveiled its Transition Concierge 3.0 outplacement tool that searches the Internet for jobs on behalf of a client, among its other features. 'At the end of the day, we focus on putting that person in a good new job and we do it at a fraction of the cost of the traditional players.'"

The full story will be posted on the HRE Web site in a couple weeks.

12 October 2010

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