We've been delighted at the attention we've received from news media and bloggers since our funding announcement on Tuesday. People are excited about the opportunity RiseSmart has to transform the way the Web works for $100K+ jobseekers, as well as for companies that are experiencing layoffs. So please, tell a friend about RiseSmart -- or sign up yourself today for a free three-day trial. Here's a sample of the coverage we have received: VentureBeat:

While you may know TheLadders as a site to go to when you’re looking for $100K+ jobs, RiseSmart differentiates itself in that its human resource team searches for job matches on your behalf. Some people will undoubtedly appreciate that burden being lifted when compared to TheLadders, which focuses on self-search.


TheLadders.com claims it has about 35,000 recruiters and over 56,000 jobs while RiseSmart boasts a search of over 1.1 million listings across its sources, including Indeed, Jobster, CareerBuilder and Monster. It also includes many niche sites as well as the corporate sites of Fortune 1000 companies. The larger selection pool is a plus, especially since you aren’t the one sifting through it ... If you’re going to pay for your job search, why not have other people do it for you?

The Deal:

Like peer TheLadders.com Inc. ..., RiseSmart targets earners of six-figure salaries (and higher), but adds a wrinkle that allows people to search for jobs somewhat passively ... RiseSmart's Job Concierge product allows job seekers to enter their job preferences, then receive weekly reports of available jobs that match their desires...

San Jose Mercury News:

Silicon Valley startup called RiseSmart has raised $3 million in first-round funding from Norwest Venture Partners in a bid to outwit the outplacement industry ... RiseSmart, [Sanjay] Sathe claims, can do a better job of helping people find new work at a fraction of the cost of the industry's leaders... RiseSmart typifies the valley's knack for using technology to disrupt standard business practices. RiseSmart uses search technologies to scour and aggregate job postings that would be filtered to a client's stated requirements, such as a locale or industry. Warm-blooded "human resources professionals" further refine the search, Sathe explained... RiseSmart's job transition package combines the "concierge" service with help in preparing résumés and marketing via social networks such as LinkedIn...


Sanjay Sathe, CEO of RiseSmart, said that while traditional job boards are struggling, RiseSmart is seeing success because their model is built around the job seeker. “The biggest problem for jobseekers is that finding the right job using job boards is extremely time-consuming and inefficient.,” Sathe said. “It’s like searching for a needle in a haystack. This is the problem RiseSmart was created to solve.”

The announcement was also covered by the San Jose Business Journal, Dow Jones VentureWire, StartupMeme, paidContent.org, Silicon Valley Wire, Alarm Clock, Texas TechPulse, and the New York Times DealBook, among other outlets.

11 December 2008

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