RiseSmart was fortunate to be featured in the May 2011 edition of Employee Benefit News, in an article headlined, "Providing post-pink-slip support" by Kathleen Koster. The story focuses on RiseSmart's ROI-driven approach to outplacement.

Here's an excerpt:

The recession has been a double-edged sword to employers, forcing them to contend with the productivity and morale issues brought on by staff layoffs but also the financial squeeze of rising unemployment insurance taxes, COBRA costs and severance packages...One outplacement firm, RiseSmart, believes they have the return-on-investment-focused solution to these financial considerations.

"If at the end of the day you can get employees into jobs faster, you can potentially reduce costs, depending on how severance is delivered, and you can reduce your corporate tax rates based on unemployment insurance taxes going down," says Sanjay Sathe, founder and CEO of RiseSmart.

RiseSmart's Transition Concierge outplacement program helps employers guide laid-off workers toward new jobs by presenting appropriate job opportunities and culling articles and events relevant to the job search. Among the program's benefits, Sathe says, are improved employee morale and engagement, "because people who remain at the company are watching what happens to those going out the door."

Koster also interviewed Leslie Beemer, associate director of employee relations for Gilead Sciences, a RiseSmart customer. Said Beemer:

[RiseSmart] talks to employees onsite so there is a "seamless experience. The ability to talk to somebody about their next step on the day that they are notified, or soon after, is a wonderful thing," she says, adding that RiseSmart also provided training and education for management about the services and resources available.

Beemer said Transition Concierge "gives employees peace of mind that they have a resource available to them for quite some time."

05 May 2011

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