RiseSmart is featured in a story, headlined Life After Wall Street: Planning Your Next Move, published today on CNBC.com. The premise of the story is that, with 80,000 Wall Street workers getting pink slips in recent months, many of them are looking to change careers. What careers are good fits, and what other advice can help these workers in their searches? The article quotes me recommending what I think is one of the best options: IR.

Another good fit is investor relations. If you already know Wall Street, that makes you an extremely attractive candidate for working on the other side, as a company’s liaison with Wall Street. “For Wall Street junkies, it’s a way to still be very engaged with the financial-services industry while working for a company in a different industry,” says Sanjay Sathe, founder of RiseSmart, an executive-search firm.

I also preach patience in the job search -- because I've been there.

When you lose your job, it can feel like you’ve fallen off the corporate ladder and all your hard work is down the drain. But it can be just the opposite. “Life is more forgiving than that,” says Sathe, who started RiseSmart after being laid off from Travelocity parent Sabre Holdings in 2007. “You can have a great, successful life and still have some detours on your path,” he says. “In fact, many people, in looking back … consider these detours to have been the most important times in their lives.”

I have some additional advice that I'll save for a future blog post.

08 August 2008

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