The hiring process increasingly includes project-based skills assessments that augment more traditional interviews, some say, and that may be good news for companies as well as the people they hire.

An article that appeared in the Harvard Business Review in May proclaimed, “Projects Are the New Job Interviews,” and explained that “serious firms will increasingly ask serious candidates to do serious work in order to get a serious job offer."

The project-based interview can include any number of industry-specific tasks, from redesigning a social media campaign or producing a webinar. The key is to test if the candidate can rise to the challenge.

The article asked: “Exploitive? Perhaps. But most organizations have learned the hard way that no amount of interviewing, reference checking and/or psychological testing is a substitute for actually working with a candidate on a real project.”

We see these projects as beneficial for both parties. Sure companies will be better able to successfully assess a candidate. But the candidate can gain insight into the company before committing to a position, and possibly get paid for it.

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14 September 2012

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