Since I’ve been a corporate executive for most of my career – often with very large companies – my former colleagues often ask me why I took the plunge and became an entrepreneur. “Why,” they want to know, “did you start RiseSmart?” Once I explain to them what RiseSmart does, they understand immediately. RiseSmart empowers six-figure managers and executives – people like my former co-workers, and perhaps like you – to take control of their careers. How? By helping them to find their next job, since they’re usually too busy with their current jobs to look for themselves. I know this has been the case for me. Most of the jobs I’ve held have been challenging ones, the kind that demand significant focus and energy. For this reason, even though I knew I should always be on the lookout for my next career move, I never seemed to find the time to search – at least not in a systematic way. In a very real sense, I was leaving my career to chance. I’ve learned the hard way that this can be dangerous. I’ve stayed at companies too long and been caught up in downsizings. I’ve found out about dream opportunities – after the position was filled. I’ve wondered whether my single-minded dedication to the job at hand might be preventing me from planning wisely – without company blinders on -- for my future. RiseSmart solves these problems by taking the job-search burden off your hands. We assign you a RiseSmart Concierge, who takes your profile information and searches our real-time, million-job database to identify positions that are the best match for you. We deliver these job openings to you on an ongoing basis. We also respond to your input, to ensure that the opportunities we tell you about are the ones you want to know about. In the recruiting industry, candidates currently in jobs are known as “passive jobseekers.” The problem is, most are too passive. They wait for recruiters to call them, or a new job to fall into their lap, rather than taking a methodical, proactive approach. Don’t be passive when it comes to your future. Join us today to put a RiseSmart Concierge to work for you.

14 October 2008

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