A job search can be challenging for anyone. Whether it’s a lack of leads, issues making connections, trouble networking, or just trying to figure out where to start, everyone faces obstacles when they're trying to find a new job. RiseSmart helps ease the pain for transitioning employees through our next-generation outplacement solution, Transition Concierge.

We recently received some amazing feedback from a satisfied RiseSmart customer, Joe Prevete, who was laid off from a large corporation in mid-November. Like all Transition Concierge participants, Joe was assigned a personal Transition Specialist to serve as his mentor and career coach during this troubling time. He also worked directly with a certified resume writer to bring his resume and cover letter to life.

RiseSmart focuses on the goal: Landing a job

In just two and a half months participating in our outplacement program, Joe Prevete landed an amazing job with a leading software/IT services company. He was grateful for the help he received from RiseSmart.

I cannot state strongly enough how instrumental RiseSmart was in achieving this position, and I need to bring special attention to two brilliant individuals who were there for me during those crucial steps of the journey: Shanen Smith and Lisa Riley.

Certified resume writing is key to RiseSmart’s success

Joe worked for the same company for more than 10 years, and he had not searched for a job since 2001. High-level executives often face this challenge in shifting from manager, director or even vice president, to job seeker with a stale resume.

I had to swallow my pride and hand my resume over to Shanen for a makeover -- and what a job she did! After working through several iterations, she rearranged the content from top to bottom to bring out the best of my abilities; and I suddenly began to get noticed.

Career coaching from a Transition Specialist

After Shanen helped make Joe’s resume shine, then it was Transition Specialist Lisa Riley’s turn to lead him through the job search process and the best steps to take.

Through a series of weekly phone calls, Lisa covered all aspects of the job search, including the importance of LinkedIn connections, networking and the interview process. Lisa's ability to role-play and drill me with potential questions enabled me to prepare for a series of interviews, which went extremely well. Her HR knowledge is very impressive and makes her a valuable resource for anyone seeking employment. Through her insight, I have gained a much different and realistic perspective of myself and my employer.

Personal approach, positive energy

RiseSmart takes a personal approach to helping transitioning workers find their next jobs fast. Consistent communication and touch-base calls help keep job seekers motivated.

Throughout the daily highs and lows of the job search, I always looked forward to speaking to both Shanen and Lisa. They brought so much positive energy to the calls; I could not help but feel confident that the opportunity was always waiting right around the corner. Utilizing your services was one of the best decisions my former employer could have made.

22 February 2013

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