When the clock strikes midnight, many people will be making their New Year’s resolutions. Whether vowing to start eating healthier or spend more time with family, resolution-makers will set goals in a variety of areas. Job seekers, however, should start this New Year with a new level of commitment to their search. 

Here are three New Year’s resolutions you can make to ramp up your job search in 2013:

Set goals and achieve them. Getting organized and setting realistic weekly goals can help alleviate stress while moving the job search process along. Set specific goals like sending out three resumes per day or making five calls by 11 a.m. These small goals will increase your productivity and ensure that you are actively searching each day. Other goals could include picking a specific number of hours to search per day or choosing a set number of job applications to complete.

Build and update your online presence. Whether you are a social media activist or a hesitant newcomer, every job-seeker should utilize the New Year to spruce up his or her online presence. Use your social media profiles to display yourself a professional by getting involved in industry groups and actively discussing industry topics. Additionally, be sure to complete your LinkedIn profile. Too many job searchers neglect to establish a solid presence on LinkedIn, an oversight that can be detrimental to a job search. Use this business-oriented social network to tout your unique skills as a professional. If you don’t have a picture, add one. Often your online presence is the first impression you make so investing time and energy into it will pay off in the long run.

Branch out. In today’s world of online job searching, it’s easy to spend hours searching job board after job board. Many job seekers often forget the value of reaching out to their connections. This year, expand your job search offline. Reach out to those connections and ask for help. Most people will be happy to oblige, you just need to tell them how. Additionally, don’t forget the value of networking. In addition to joining industry groups on social media, get involved with local professional organizations. Look for other networking opportunities in your area. Putting yourself out there is the best way to ensure success in your search.

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31 December 2012

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