It's important to look at networking as an opportunity to offer and give to others. Rather than asking for a job from someone, that negative connotation. Simply just ask someone else, "How can I help you in your job search?" Even if someone's not actively engaged in a job search, "How can I help you with what you're doing today?" Sharing different updates. It's important to make sure that you have that giving mentality. And this is just naturally going to come back to you as a job seeker.

Helping others will pay off when you need help

So the giving mentality, that whole idea of giving, giving, giving, it's automatically gonna come back to you. Once you're giving to others in your network, just naturally. Whether it's the time that you need it or a time that you don't, someone's always gonna turn that question around on you to ask, "How can I be helping you in your job search or activities that you're doing today?" 
Maybe someone within your network, maybe you're out at a social gathering, you're catching up, deciding what are you up to, what are you up to. You may have overheard a conversation. Someone may have said, "I'd like to volunteer at the local college." You may already know someone at that local college. The way to use the giving mentality, offer up or just ask the question. "You know, I know so and so at the local university who happens to be in the alumni department. Would it be helpful to you if I offered an introduction?"

07 February 2017

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