A company is only as good as the people who work there—and, fortunately, the people who work at RiseSmart happen to be pretty great! Even with our employees spread out across the world, RiseSmarters are drawn together by a set of shared values that create a close-knit, teamwork-oriented family environment that permeates our entire culture. (It sounds cliché—but if you set foot in our corporate HQ, you’ll be blown away by how true it is!)

Every so often, we like to shine the spotlight on the members of our team who work tirelessly behind the scenes to help build the technology and offer the services that change the lives of transitioning talent all over the world.

Today we shine the spotlight on Marcy Morrison, Senior Transition Specialist

Briefly describe what you do at RiseSmart.

I am a Senior Transition Specialist and I am living my own passion and purpose. I coach our clients who are in career transition helping them with everything from the discovery process (uncovering passion/purpose), developing job search strategy, interviewing, LinkedIn, salary negotiation, etc. I also am a Client Services Manager and work directly with our customers on layoff notifications, enrolling affected employees in RiseSmart services, and delivering reporting to our customers.

What were you doing before RiseSmart?

For almost 8 years, I owned my own business called Careers with Wings with the vision of “Passion + Purpose = World Change,” meaning my goal was to help as many people as I could to discover their passion and purpose to do something they love and that makes a difference in this world. I did this in English and Spanish through coaching, writing two books, media appearances, workshops and consulting. Before that, my work was focused internationally with a lot of work all over Latin America, including work in development, sponsorships, corporate memberships, marketing/sales, and grassroots development/poverty alleviation.

How did you end up learning about RiseSmart?

I went to high school on the Jersey Shore with one of the other Transition Coach’s daughters, and she recommended that I speak to her mom about this great company she is working for—so I did.

What made you decide to work for RiseSmart?

I love the RiseSmart model/technology, the people, and our mission. I was very impressed and continue to be very impressed with everyone I work with at RiseSmart – super passionate, super heart-centered, super multi-faceted/interesting, super committed and super smart. A defining moment was when I interviewed with the VP of Operations Josh Barlow, and he asked me why do I do what I do. I said, “Coaching is not what I do – it is who I am. At my core I deeply care about others and want to help them be happy by helping them uncover and live their passion and purpose.”

He said, “That is what I want to hear – we can train you on topics such as resume, interviewing, etc., but I can’t train you to care about people – and that is what is important to us at RiseSmart.”

In that moment, I knew for sure I wanted to work for RiseSmart – it was clear we are in alignment – caring about people is at our core and that means everyone – internally at the company, externally to our customers, and to our families, friends and community.

What is your favorite thing about working for RiseSmart?

Everything – I love my team; I love how many people we help; I love that I get to live my passion and purpose every day, I love that it gives me the flexibility I need with my two children, I love that I get to work from my home in San Diego with a view of the ocean and that I can go jump in the ocean at lunch time. Not for a single day do I take this for granted, especially being a transplant from the Jersey Shore 20 years ago.

What are your favorite hobbies or activities to do outside of work?

Spending time with my two children/boys (Cameron is 13 and Logan is 11), traveling, giving back to my community including with Just in Time for Foster Youth (and here’s an article on my work with them: Giving Foster Youth Some Room to Dream), and helping others in general.

I am also on a committee called CAYS Community Alliance for Youth Success) with Stedman Graham, Bobbi De Porter of Quantum Learning Network and other youth education/empowerment leaders. CAYS is working on a pilot program with the Oceanside Unified School District in San Diego to launch a nationwide model in January 2016 that is pulling together community resources and leaders to ensure youth success.

I also love being outside in nature: going to the beach and hiking, as well as cross cultural events, meditation, writing, hula hooping.

Describe a “WOW” experience you’ve had or given since working for RiseSmart.

I was coaching one client whom I asked, “What is it that you really want to do?”

I heard silence and emotion from him, and he responded, “No one has ever asked me that question. I have never asked myself this question, and I am 45 years old. I want to discover this.”

What ensued from there was a beautiful journey of this client discovering himself , what he loved and what was important to him in finding a job that better matched his passions and what he valued. He wrote me a testimonial that said “Marcy has had a lasting impact on my spirit.” That touched me deeply – to know I can help people in this way in the work I do at RiseSmart allows me to live a fulfilling life and be proud of the work we all do together at RiseSmart.

What is one reason why someone should come and work for RiseSmart?

The people and the difference we make. RiseSmart is a fun/creative/dynamic/interesting/forward thinking/innovative/heart centered/cutting edge/caring place to work.

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28 April 2015

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