A company is only as good as the people who work there—and, fortunately, the people who work at RiseSmart happen to be pretty great! Even with our employees spread out across the world, RiseSmarters are drawn together by a set of shared values that create a close-knit, teamwork-oriented family environment that permeates our entire culture.  (It sounds cliché—but if you set foot in our corporate HQ, you’ll be blown away by how true it is!)

Every so often, we like to shine the spotlight on the members of our team who work tirelessly behind the scenes to help build the technology and offer the services that change the lives of transitioning talent all over the world.

Today we shine the spotlight on Lesley Brownlie, Director of Product Management:

Briefly describe what you do at RiseSmart.

I develop web and mobile products that help people advance their careers within an organization or find their next great job opportunity.

What were you doing before RiseSmart?

I have worked in Product Management at a variety of different startups in the Bay Area.

How did you end up learning about RiseSmart?

The travel startup I was working for burned through all of its cash.  I began to attend job search seminars and starting tuning my resume.  As the result, I became obsessed with how to optimize a job search.  I happened to then see a job posting from RiseSmart and was psyched to be able to bring some of my product ideas into reality and help other job seekers.

What made you decide to work for RiseSmart?

All of the people I met at RiseSmart were bright, friendly and driven by the same mission.  I also liked that RiseSmart has a high female to male ratio – rare for a tech company in the Valley.

What is your favorite thing about working for RiseSmart?

Working with fun, inspiring people every day.

What are your favorite hobbies or activities to do outside of work?

Kayaking, hiking, cycling, backpacking, obstacle races, running…basically anything outside :)

Describe a “WOW” experience you’ve had or given since working for RiseSmart.

I was able to give a demo of one of our new products at an organization that helps people find jobs.  It was truly awesome to see faces light up when the job seekers saw the functionality we offer.  The participants asked tons of questions and people wanted to know how they could get logins immediately.  It’s so rewarding to get RiseSmart solutions into the marketplace and delight job seekers.

What is one reason why someone should come and work for RiseSmart?

People should come to work for RiseSmart if they have a passion for helping others with their careers and want to be a part of developing and delivering world-class career products and services.

Connect with Lesley on LinkedIn or Twitter.

20 February 2015

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