As you can probably imagine, finding a job after graduation is increasingly a source of concern for today’s MBA student. This is particularly true for executive MBA (EMBA) students, who must balance a full load of schoolwork with career and family. Now, some business schools are getting more aggressive in helping their EMBA students find jobs. The University of Texas at Dallas has contracted with RiseSmart to provide job-search help to its EMBA students. As part of the contract, UT Dallas will offer students up to six months of job-search help via the RiseSmart Job Concierge service. RiseSmart assigns each student a dedicated HR professional, who uses RiseSmart technology to search jobs online on the student’s behalf, based on the jobseeker’s specific criteria. Dr. David Springate, interim director of UT Dallas’s EMBA program, explains why teaming with RiseSmart adds value for students:

We encourage our EMBA students to actively manage their careers. Each student is paired with a personal executive coach who helps the student develop a career plan appropriate to the student’s skills, interests and personal goals. RiseSmart’s service is an important addition to our Career Center’s offerings -– particularly during difficult economic times, when students are concerned about the job market.

To our knowledge, no other MBA program in the United States is currently offering this kind of proactive job search assistance to students. We're now in negotiations with several other university business schools, however, so we expect that to change soon. Stay tuned.

13 May 2009

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