With all the talk of the economy being down and people worried about the job market, we thought we'd check our database of current openings in a number of functional areas, including IT, finance and accounting, marketing, legal, and human resources positions. What we found is that, while the number of open positions is down from a few months ago, there are still hundreds of thousands of available positions in these areas. Specifically, the job counts are:

That's not a bad market for $100K+ jobs. Unfortunately, I think what happens is, we hear all the negativity about the economy, and then we go online to search and we get frustrated. Not because there are no good jobs online -- but because the search process itself is so inefficient and time-consuming. It's like searching for a needle in a haystack. So we throw our hands up and say, "I'm never going to find a job anyway!" Believe me, I've been there. And that's why we created RiseSmart. Turn your online job search over to us, and let us put an end to your frustrations. Start your three-day free trial today.

17 October 2008

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