HR technology, and the growing number of ways it helps HR thrive, continues to stand out as one of the most talked about subjects in the industry. Here are five recent noteworthy articles that explore the different ways new technology and the digital transformation are changing the face of HR across the globe:

  • The Financial Express revisits recent technological changes to the HR function and lays out some advice on how managers can gear up for the disruptive tech that’s looming on the horizon.
  • Rodd Wagner, writing for, explores the emergence of predictive analytics as a major part of the recruiting process.
  • Talent and HR analyst Josh Bersin discusses the role digital is playing in creating an entirely new discipline that focuses on improving employees’ work lives – a position he’s calling the “Chief Employee Experience Officer.”
  • There’s no question that there’s a distinct connection between employee performance and engagement. An article from explains new ways digital can be used to increase this level of engagement.
  • Forbes contributor Jeanne Meister outlines her belief that 2016 will see more transformation to HR by way of “consumerization” – a direct result of a digital workforce that requests the availability of more social and collaborative tools.

As seemingly everything continues to shift towards digital, companies continue to discover ways new technologies are enhancing their recruitment and employee engagement strategies. The question is: will your company be ready to make the shift?

29 January 2016

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