Virtual models are the new leaders of the outplacement industry, according to a white paper just out from HRxAnalysts. The leading HR research, analysis and consulting firm said the white paper is the first in a series dedicated to recognizing the disruptors in the world of human resources. John Sumser, who heads HRxAnalysts, said, “traditional outplacement firms are being rapidly replaced by companies that upend the old paradigm and focus on delivering extremely tailored services to employees in transition. This ‘better, cheaper, faster’ approach offers a cleaner path to a new job.”

Sanjay Sathe and Dan Davenport used just such an approach in founding RiseSmart as an alternative to the ineffective and expensive model offered by traditional, brick-and-mortar outplacement companies. By creating a high-touch, high-tech outplacement model, RiseSmart has emerged as the leader in next-generation outplacement solutions.

Outplacement is rapidly changing, creating the kind of the disruption that companies like Redbox and Netflix brought to the film industry. Consumers no longer make the trip to a store when they can watch a movie instantly online.

RiseSmart’s next-gen outplacement services offer this kind of immediacy with readily available Career Transition Specialists providing online training, resume writing and much more. More than a dozen Fortune 500 companies have made the switch from traditional outplacement firms to RiseSmart, and that number is expected to continue to grow.

The recently published white paper is titled, “New Models in Outplacement: Disruption Comes to HR.” You can download a free copy here.

23 May 2012

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