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There's a few things to think about when it comes to setting your remaining employees up for success after a layoff. As a manager, after you've gotten through however many of these conversations you've had to have of letting employees know that they're no longer part of the organization, it's very tempting to disappear. To go hide in your office, close the door, go take a walk, go take some time off, whatever the case might be. It's not just emotional for the employee who's had to hear that message, it's extremely difficult and emotional and trying on the manager delivering that message.

So one of the most important things as a manager that you can do after that happening, is not to disappear on your remaining employees. You have to stay visible, you have to stay and act as you would have, had these conversations not happened. Because you need to give and convey a sense of confidence to those remaining employees, so that they don't begin to worry, "Okay, is this going to happen to me? What's happening from here? I don't know what to expect." You need to be the calm in the storm throughout this experience and be very, very visible to those remaining employees.

Secondly, you need to have one-on-one conversations with each and every one of your staying employees. This is equally critical, you want to let them know what's happened, you want to answer any questions they have, clarify anything that they don't understand. You want to give them information because they need to know what's happening, they want to know what's happening. If not, they're not going to focus on their work. And part of that one-on-one conversation should be discussing the career development of each of those remaining employees.

Let this be an opportunity for the growth and development of your remaining employees. Talk about what's happened, what's going to happen moving forward, and then discuss with them what matters to them, what are they working on, what are their goals? These three steps, not disappearing, having these conversations, and discussing career development will help maintain your progress moving forward with your team after a notification event.

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