It's important to make sure that an employee has a voice, making sure that they understand someone has their back. Also making sure that they can be heard, and just being able to share different thoughts and ideas. I think having someone share those ideas and thoughts, and being comfortable having that open door, becomes extremely helpful. I think just for employees as well, it's a way for them to invest in the organization, and have that connection. 

The importance of transparency

Transparency does affect employee engagement. Everyone really needs that bigger vision, that "What is the big picture?" So what are the common goals that an organization is working towards on a day-to-day basis, and how as an employee you can align with those goals? So, understanding first what those goals are, and how you impact that on a day-to-day basis. This really creates an emotional connection for the employee to the organization, and just creates loyalty and trust for both the company and the employee. So it's extremely important to make sure that you have that sense of accomplishment and purpose as an employee. 
It allows the employees to understand that you want to invest in them, whether it's time or financially. Saying that I value you as an employee, and I want to really leverage your strengths and your skills within the organization. Whether that's continuing in one role, or maybe that's moving into a different role within the organization. So, what this may look like, professional development could be an ongoing training calendar for employees. This may be a lunch-and-learn type of an event. This could also look like an industry conference, or maybe even financially investing for an employee to go out and obtain different certifications. And this is going to turn around and not only strengthen that employee but also strengthen the organization as a whole. 
On a day-to-day basis when you're working towards that common goal, all of those efforts shouldn't go unnoticed. So it's important to have those goals, and when those are met either individually or for the company, sharing those wins and recognizing that those goals have been met, or even exceeded. Showing that appreciation goes a long way.

21 March 2017

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