Technology is one of the biggest drivers of today’s workforce trends.  As James Holincheck, research vice president for Gartner specializing in the human capital management (HCM) systems market, explains, “Advancements in connectivity, mobile, social, and business collaboration are dramatically changing the way people find jobs, where they work, and how they work.”

Unfortunately, in the outplacement industry, we see legacy firms falling further behind in integrating new technologies into their service offerings.  In fact, one of the industry’s largest players recently issued a report warning of overreliance on technology in job searches.  This seems especially ironic in an industry that purports to have its finger on the pulse of the modern workforce.

HR leaders must prioritize integrating new technology and service models to better serve today’s workers, according to Holincheck.

“To be successful, HR leaders must have the right policies and the right tools in place to operate in this new virtual and social workplace,” Holincheck advises. “At the same time, HR solution providers — those that help HR leaders attract, manage, retain and offboard talent — have to similarly answer the call and bring innovative solutions that are relevant for this new paradigm.”

In the outplacement industry, the large, legacy firms struggle because they simply are not equipped with the appropriate balance of technology and human touch required to support today’s transitioning employees. They simply don’t have offerings that can effectively compete with RiseSmart’s next-gen outplacement solution, Transition Concierge.

Transition Concierge is the first outplacement solution to harness the full weight of intelligent search technology, social media, and other online tools to help put laid-off employees back to work faster. Powered by proprietary job-matching software, Transition Concierge delivers custom-tailored job leads as well as information, tools and training to eligible employees through personal career-management portals.

RiseSmart is embracing technological innovation. Legacy firms aren’t.

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08 March 2012

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