Visions of warm weather, green grass and blooming flowers become commonplace as we approach the conclusion of February. With spring approaching we welcome the season of birth and regrowth, and such a perspective can be applied to both our personal and work lives.

The arrival of spring presents a perfect opportunity for companies to evaluate the state of their corporate culture and wellness, and to determine if some changes to either should be considered.

Here are five articles to wrap up February that explore the what, why and how of wellness and culture in the workplace.

The Importance of Wellness in Corporate Culture

Kelly Gooch over at Becker’s Hospital Review explores some of the key findings of a report from Humana and the Economist Intelligence Unit. The data shows just how much influence a workplace culture of wellness can have on increasing employee engagement, productivity and happiness.

Workplace Wellbeing 101

Human Capital Magazine dissects why workplace wellbeing is so crucial, titled Workplace wellbeing 101. In this article, author Georgie Drury discusses some of the best ways to implement a sustainable and engaging wellbeing program.

Identifying Holes and Improving Corporate Culture

Former active military colonel and current private sector president David Sutherland uses his experiences from the Army to help businesses identify and improve their corporate culture by applying seven core values: loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity and personal courage.

How to Invoke Motivation: One Simple Question for Leaders

“What is the most important quality a leader should demonstrate?” asks Suzanne Dowd Zeller, chief human resource officer of Allianz Life, in her article for Fortune. Zeller suggests that leaders should always demonstrate motivation and inspiration to create a culture of passion within their organization.

This One Sentence can Greatly Increase Employee Engagement

Keeping with the theme of “ones”, Kevin Kruse tells us that it’s possible to encapsulate science of employee engagement into a single sentence. Writing for Forbes, Kruse applies his passion for studying leadership and engagement to help company leaders invoke emotional commitment from their employees.


Taking the time to appraise the health of your company’s culture, employee engagement and overall wellbeing can pay off in the long run. Expending the proper amount of focus to this aspect of your business is essential for companies looking to grow and develop—and what better time to do so than alongside the arrival of spring.

29 February 2016

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