For years, companies chose their outplacement programs based on how well they helped laid-off employees through a difficult time. But with the rise of web-based services, a boom in social networking, and an economy that made layoffs all too common, outplacement has evolved from an offline service that depends on physical locations to a results-based offering that fully leverages the power of trained professionals using modern tools.Outplacement has always offered value to companies and their employees, with benefits including reduced legal risks, lower severance costs, and brand protection. Now those cost savings are even greater due to the flexibility and almost unlimited reach of the online platforms that characterize modern outplacement. Physical proximity to an outplacement company is no longer an issue. A modern, onlineoutplacement program is available from any location with Internet access at any time of day or night.Modern outplacement services are fast becoming the industry standard. Among their components:

  • Time with a personal career coach
  • Semantic search technology to identify job leads
  • Cloud-based delivery of job leads
  • Job search webinars, events, weekly check-ins
  • Organizer tool for entire job search
  • Resume and cover letter writing
  • Social media profile optimization
  • Accountability and reporting for HR

In modern outplacement solutions, technology makes it possible to conduct highly targeted job searches using rich data sources. Technology also makes it easy to notify users immediately about job openings they have targeted.Modern outplacement takes full advantage of social networks, such as LinkedIn and Facebook, to locate job referrals that give users an edge over other candidates. It is cost-effective to establish online a multi-step process to target new jobs, develop a resume, use social networking, and perfect interviewing skills. It is also worth investing in online, in-depth skill assessment testing and analysis to help users identify their important values, temperament, interests, skills, and talents.In addition to results, there is convenience. It is easy to access job search tools and research from anywhere at any time. There also is 24/7 access to training such as video on demand and other online materials to improve interviewing and other job-search-related skills. It offers resume preparation and review through online guides and tools. It can include one-on-one mentoring from a trained and experienced career coach who offers individualized expertise to users.To help readers understand the benefits of modern outplacement, how it works, and how to get it, RiseSmart has produced an infographic headlined “Outplacement Re-Imagined.” In it, RiseSmart Founder and CEO Sanjay Sathe says, “Today’s job search has changed, so outplacement services had to change with it. That’s why RiseSmart provides what matters most to a displaced employee – services like resume rewriting, one-on-one coaching and social media profile optimization to help them land in their next ideal situation fast.”

18 June 2013

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