To what extremes would you go to get a job? Sometimes posting your resume online doesn’t necessarily get it to the right individual nor does it set you apart from the other thousands applying for that position. The best way to catch the attention of a hiring manager is to set yourself apart by utilizing creative tactics that emphasize your unique skills.The Billboard Approach In desperate times, use desperate measures. Don’t be afraid to use guerrilla job seeking tactics like contacting hiring managers in person, sending paper resumes and some may even go to the extreme of buying yourself a billboard. Ultimately your resume is a way to sell yourself and your skill set, much like a billboard advertisement. Adam Pacitti used the billboard approach to get an employers’ attention. It worked.Resume Chocolate Bar Are you a creative designer? Find creative ways to show your skills in the resume itself and create it based off of that. If you’re a visual designer, make a well-designed resume that illustrates something unique. If you’re a mobile developer, build an app that shows your resume in a fun way.The Sandwich BoardMake yourself visible, in the right place, and with a clear call to action. Holding a board that clearly states the position you’re seeking with a contact number may sound extreme, but it just may bring the right type of attention. Jason Fruen used the sandwich board approach on the highway. It got him a number of calls that eventually led to full-time employment.Though unconventional, these tactics may lead to an interview and perhaps your dream job. Comments below are welcomed from job seekers who have unique attention-grabbing strategies and success stories to share.

19 April 2013

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