We've gotten some good feedback from career-related bloggers on the Career 100 so far. Here are a few blog post excerpts:

  • George's Employment Blawg: "The folks at RiseSmart (probably hoping for viral marketing like they’re getting right now from me) created a page showing the " Career 100 Global Ranking of Top English-language Career Blogs." I was very pleased to see my #17 ranking. I didn't make the American Bar Association's "Blawg 100," which was the cover story (just about the only story) in this month's ABA Journal, but I'm positioning this blog more in the general career market and don't try to appeal to lawyers too much — so this ranking means more to me."
  • Little Red Suit: "What a great way to end the week. Little Red Suit premiered at 37 on the Career 100 ... and has now risen to the 26th spot ... A special thanks to my readers and blog friends for your support!"
  • People at Work & Play: "I am delighted to see my friend, Gautam Ghosh’s blog ranked 24 ... Huge amount of good advice on careers in that list, I am sure."
  • Gautam Ghosh: "RiseSmart has compiled a list of the top 100 career related blogs and (wonder of wonders!) this blog has been included in that esteemed list ... A lot of my other favourite bloggers are also on the list."

In comments on this blog, Gautam raised the issue that Bloglines is not as good a measure of subscribers as Feedburner. We completely agree; unfortunately, Feedburner doesn't make subscriber totals public (it's up to the individual blogger) so Bloglines is the next best thing. Heather Hamilton, a Microsoft staffing manager, wonders how she made the list, let alone came in ranked #3. It helps that Heather's blog has a high Alexa rank by virtue of being a Microsoft Developer Network blog, but even without that, she'd rank in the top 10 or 12 blogs on the list. And despite her modesty, she does offer great career tips. More than 25 bloggers have also submitted their blogs to our list since we launched, bringing the total number of blogs we're tracking to 142. We've got a ways to go before we reach the 650+ blogs on the Healthcare 100, though -- so please, add your blog today. Or if you're already in the Career 100, please spread the word with a Career 100 badge. Thanks to Managing Leadership, among others, for already having done so.

12 December 2007

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